Pensive Christ
Pensive Christ

Pensive Christ

Author: N / A

Material / technique:  wood carving, polychrome.

Dimensions: high – 13 cm.

The Pensive Christ is the depiction of Jesus before the crucifixion. Tired and exhausted the Saviour was sitting by Himself and thinking about the hardships, vices and pain of people who live on earth and grieved about it.

Jesus is shown with a loincloth, sometimes with a red robe or a long gown and a crown of thorns. He is sitting on the stone resting his head on His right hand and His left hand is on his knees.

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Published: "The traditional folk sculptures collection of Gediminas Petraitis".  Ed. Marytė Slušinskaitė. Vilnius: National Museum of Lithuania, 2012, P. 116.